Guidelines for Patients

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Patient Guidelines

Welcome. The aim of this information sheet is to welcome you to your course of acupuncture and to make bookings and treatments as straightforward as possible. If you need to clarify anything, please ask.

Your session is time for you, so please ask for anything you need to make it as comfortable and relaxing as possible such as extra covers, heating, a drink of water, etc.

Before Treatment

Before treatment you should avoid alcohol and coffee and also foods or drinks that might colour your tongue. You should not have a large meal immediately before treatment, nor should you have treatment on an empty stomach. Please wear loose clothing for your appointment. Gowns are available.

I will send you a form prior to your first consultation to fill in, this will be discussed in depth when I see you.

Initial Consultation

At your first visit, your main complaint, health history and lifestyle will be discussed in depth. The consultation will finish with a treatment.

Frequency of treatment will also be discussed. Once we have agreed on this it is important that you attend regularly in order to get the full benefit. Acupuncture works best as a course of treatment. As my practice is often busy I suggest that you book further sessions on your first visit in order to get the appointment times you want.

Post Treatment

After your treatment you may find you feel particularly calm. To get the maximum benefit from your treatment, I advise that you avoid anything too strenuous for the next couple of hours. I also suggest that you avoid alcohol on the day of treatment.

We will discuss your progress regularly and if you have any questions about your treatment or acupuncture in general please ask.


The initial consultation costs £110 and lasts up to an hour and a half.

Subsequent appointments last 50 minutes and cost £75.

Payment by cash, cheque, bank transfer or credit card. Bank transfers must be paid in advance.

Cancellation Charges/Changing an appointment

Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice will be charged the full fee.
For the Monday Clinic, the cancellation cut off is 5pm Friday.

If you need to change please do so by telephone or text to 07957 362180 during office hours only.

Hours of Business/Communication

My business hours are Monday to Friday 9-6. I would be grateful if you respect these hours in regard to telephoning or texting.

Often it is easier to make a telephone call than to text or email.

I spend most of my time with my patients and not in front of a computer, emails are generally answered within 24-48 hours.