I’ve been blessed to work with some absolutely wonderful patients.
Here’s what they say about the benefits of their treatment.

If you have any questions in your mind about starting Acupuncture treatment, THIS is the practice to try it with. I have nothing but the best to say about Jane. I now find myself well equipped with a long term health plan and manage to get fantastic treatment for when I feel depressed and the little things like pain, colds and headaches.

AK – Age 28 / Writer

I have been working with Jane for nearly 2 years on health issues that are both acute and chronic and each time I have called on her magic, it has helped me significantly. Jane is quite unique in the way she encourages changes like lifestyle advice which has been particularly invaluable in helping me eat and exercise in a much better way and I will use rest of my life as part of continuing proactive health care. Jane deserves a lot of credit for this because she is able to explain the theories behind the practice in a way that is easily understandable. Jane is a thorough professional, warm, compassionate, dedicated, committed, intuitive and great fun to be with… better than therapy.

DW – Age 43 / Civil Servant

Thanks again for your expertise – we believe strongly that your treatments really helped prepare me well for pregnancy.

AO – Age 32

I came to acupuncture to help relieve the stress and anxiety I felt over my mother’s death. She is a wonderful practitioner, her knowledge and passion for acupuncture is evident. Her warm, kind and caring manner put you at ease and her listening ear always there for you.

DM – Age 31 / Life Coach

I was recommended to Jane by my nurse at Barts Hospital for relief from the many side effects I was experiencing from chemotherapy. I was a bit skeptical at first but now I am completely converted to the use of Chinese Acupuncture.

Lynn – Age 32 / Teacher’s Assistant

Jane will always go the extra mile to ensure that I leave each session feeling calm and re-energised.

VD – Age 57 / Retired

I tried a lot of acupuncturists before meeting Jane but as soon as I met her I felt very reassured. She was clear, honest and very positive. Aside from all these great qualities she really knows her stuff. I was trying for a baby for several years and after a few months of treatment I became pregnant and I now have a beautiful baby girl.

LF – Age 40 / Journalist

I was looking for an acupuncturist and was so happy to have found Jane. I’ve had acupuncture before but I find that when I see Jane with each treatment I feel instant results, I can now sleep through the night, and manage stress better, acupuncture is now a part of my life thanks to Jane.

BL – Age 56 / Fashion Technologist

I never believed that acupuncture would help me. I had a very stubborn, chronic problem, and acupuncture was my last resort. Jane listened to me carefully, asked a lot of questions and gave a very thorough diagnosis and a realistic time frame. It has helped me so much in managing my own health. I’m in much better health thanks to Jane.

RM – Age 57

I was seeking a solution for an ongoing pain I had in my neck and shoulder from years of pinning a phone to my ear whilst typing. I was a bit skeptical at first, but now I am completely converted to the use of Chinese Acupuncture. Jane managed to rid the pain from my neck after 2 short sessions and now I feel foolish for putting up with the pain for so long. I also have Type 1 Diabetes and I find that this causes my mood to vary, some days are better than others and also my body wears out a lot. My body was very run down with a busy working life and now after each acupuncture session I feel healthy, balanced and positive. It is truly amazing how much my life personally and professionally has improved. I love going as it is such a caring and nurturing environment and Jane is not only highly educated and skilled in acupuncture but cares about you as a person. I find that it is my little sanctuary that I dip into to reward my mind and body escaping from the busy world outside.

AC – Age 33

I was in the last week of my pregnancy when I had my first acupuncture treatment, my baby wasn’t in the perfect position and I was hoping that acupuncture treatment could help to turn my baby as I was planning for a natural birth. Jane was so lovely and caring that I couldn’t have wished for more. Not only did my body feel nourished after each treatment, I felt emotionally supported as well. Talking to me, Jane dedicated enough time to unravel my worries and I felt empowered. I must admit, I didn’t expect such immediate results and felt such a strong bond with my baby and surge of happiness and reassurance that all will be well.
And so it was! My baby girl was born naturally and my birth experience was a positive one as well. I would highly recommend Jane to anyone.

LK – Age 28