Acupuncture for pre conception fitness

Most women seek acupuncture for help with fertility after trying to conceive for some time. Trying for a baby can be one of the most stressful times in a woman’s life, as evidenced by the disappointment that comes with each monthly cycle.

Stress is believed to have an effect on fertility because it affects hormones, which affects the monthly cycle which affects fertility which if you are trying for a baby, causes more stress… Multiply that by however many number of months trying to conceive and the vicious cycle of compounded stress starts to emerge.

Anyone who is trying to conceive or has had trouble conceiving in the past will recognise this pattern.

Modern women don’t have the time or want to wait two years to find out if they can conceive naturally, which is why I recommend that women seek out acupuncture before they start trying for a baby.

The best time to start Acupuncture for pre conception fitness is 3-4 months before you want to start trying for a baby.

The reasons for this are simple: one in six couples have difficulty conceiving, So it makes sense to ensure that you are in the best possible health before you start and here is where acupuncture can really help you.

Acupuncture for pre conception fitness is a safe, non-invasive way to support conception because it helps to promote a regular 28-30 day cycle. In fact, traditional Chinese medicine has recognised for centuries that the key to understanding a woman’s health is her menstrual cycle. Accupuncture also helps relieve stress.

Acupuncture can help balance hormones by regulating the menstrual cycle, thereby supporting ovulation. Other benefits include promoting good quality fertile mucous, encouraging ovulation, as well as alleviating premenstrual symptoms and encouraging a pain free period. All of which are indicative of a good, balanced hormonal cycle

Preconception Advice

Acupuncture for pre conception fitness, means starting to think about getting yourself in shape before you try to conceive, and this means at least four months before you want to start trying.

Some things to consider are:

1. Stopping hormone based contraception

Hormone based contraception prevents ovulation. Once you stop taking the pill, your body will start ovulating again, but this may take some time. It can take a few weeks to a couple of months. Generally, most women start having regular periods within 2-3 months of stopping the pill. But everyone is different and it is not uncommon for women to seek acupuncture because their periods did not return to normal after stopping the contraceptive pill.

For women using the Contraceptive Depot injection, it may take up to a year for ovulation and their period to occur. So getting your cycle regulated before you start trying to conceive is paramount.

2. Leading a healthier lifestyle

Acupuncture for pre conception fitness, will mean you will need to stop psmoking, reducing alcohol intake, eating a healthy, well balanced diet, ensuring you are getting sufficient vitamins and folic acid in your diet and maintaining a healthy weight will all assist greatly.

3. See your GP

Any gynaecological issues also need to be addressed at this time, so it is a good idea to visit your GP.

4. Partner’s health

It takes two to make a baby, so it’s not just the woman who needs to be in the best possible health, the advice on nutrition, smoking, and weight management applies equally to men.

And of course ACUPUNCTURE to put you in the best possible physical, mental and emotional health before you start trying to conceive helps to alleviate the stress and anxiety of waiting for a pregnancy to happen.

I run clinics in Notting Hill, Kensington and Canary Wharf. If you’d like further advice on the benefits of acupuncture for preconception fitness, please get in contact.