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Most people discover acupuncture when other treatments fail. This was the case with my patient Nicole, who suffered from lower back pain and has kindly consented to write up her notes for this case study.

Nicole suffers from recurring sciatica and chronic lower back pain.

She first experienced lower back pain as a teenager as a result of an over exuberant bear hug from her father. She felt something go and was in pain for days. Pregnancy and then two further accidents aggravated the original injury.  Over the years she Nicole tried everything from painkillers and prescription drugs to exercise and physiotherapy, these gave her some relief but no long-term benefit.

She contacted me out of desperation, as nothing seemed to help. Nicole had been in constant pain for a few months but the lower back pain suddenly increased in intensity to the point where movement was difficult affecting daily activities. Working as a college lecturer, the lower back pain had become so severe that she was finding it challenging to stand up.