Discover Acupuncture

Ancient Medicine for Modern Times

A Traditional Medicine

The origins of Acupuncture can be traced back more than 2,000 years to China, making it one of the oldest medical traditions in the world. From China, it spread to other Asian countries such as Japan, Korea and Vietnam where it continues to be an integral part of the health system. The last fifty years has seen its popularity spread to the West.

Although the basic theory behind acupuncture is ancient, centuries of continuous practice has provided a wealth of experience that has contributed to the evolution and development of acupuncture theory and clinical practice.

How it works

Acupuncture theory views the body as a system of interconnected channels, where Qi or energy flows. Health and well-being is based upon the free flow and transformation of Qi through the body. Qi can become disturbed for a number of reasons including diet, lifestyle, medication and emotions such as stress., resulting in pain and illness. Acupuncture encourages the free flow of Qi through the body and stimulates the body’s ability to heal itself.

Acupuncture is uniquely placed to deal with common, stress related symptoms today as it views the many different aspects of modern life – stress, physical, emotional and mental symptoms, as interdependent. Treatment focuses on the root cause of the problem together with the symptoms. Acupuncture is an effective therapy to help restore balance and promote physical and emotional harmony.

My body was very run down with a busy working life and now after each acupuncture session I feel healthy, balanced and positive. It is truly amazing how much my life personally and professionally has improved…. it is my little sanctuary that I dip into to reward my mind and body, escaping from the busy world outside.

Most of the people I see for treatment seem to manifest some aspect of stress that is causing them to feel out of control or unbalanced, resulting in various symptoms. Treatment is aimed at the person and not just the illness or symptoms. Patients often report an improvement in their overall wellbeing such as increased energy, a decrease in stress and a better enjoyment of life with greater confidence as a result of treatment.

I’m happy to say that acupuncture treatment offers a safe, natural way to help support us with the challenges of our complex, modern lives.